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About ZMI


With over 15 years of experience in cinematography, piloting and revolutionizing drone design technologies, we are helping thousands of clients around the world in Entertainment, Business, Real Estate, Technology, Pharmaceutical, Government and other industries to reach new heights in video productions and drone services.
Our mission is to tell your story in high quality footage, using aerial tools we design, build and manufacture to ensure flexibility, agility and high precision.

Why choose us?

We are the experts

Our team is made of talented professionals cinematographers, VFX and pilots, flying, shooting, and creating projects that range from low-budget documentaries to large TV shows, commercials, up to Hollywood feature films as main cameras for both first and second unit.

We Pursue Excellence

We differentiate ourselves from our competition because we designed our own aerial UAV drone rigs, as wells as using off-the-shelf products. We customized our rigs to ensure the highest quality, safety and efficiency, for our clients when flying in tough conditions.


We fly legally in the USA under the FAA 333 exemption.
All our pilots are FAA registered and part 107 certified.
All our drones are FAA registered.
We are fully insured.

Our drones

Our drone fleet of over 20 rigs can fly any camera from a small, goPro size to DSLR, Red Dragon, Alexa mini, Alexa m, as well as 2x Red size cameras used for 3D stereo filming. Our aerial platforms contain the xFold™ rig, which comes in four different sizes: xFold™ SPY, xFold™ Travel, xFold™ Cinema, and xFold™ Dragon.

Check our Drone Services page for more information and please contact us at any time with questions.
We are looking forward to working with you!

ZM Interactive Team.