Drones and video production services

Our services

With the combination of art and technology, we create to bring services and solutions for our clients.

Feature Film and TV production

When you want 4K to 8K and 3D, in close proximity / low altitude filming, or Live Streaming TV events, your production is covered with us. We fly any camera size from small goPro to any DSLR up to Red /Alexa, and even 2x Red size cameras for 3D Stereo Filming. Some of our projects includes:

  • Feature films 2D or 3D stereo filming
  • TV shows and commercials
  • Music videos
  • Action sports
  • Live streaming events
  • Music concerts

High-res Aerial Photography

High Definition aerial photography for exterior residential, commercial, or industrial properties. We can fly any size high-res DSLR camera as well as 100MP Phase One cameras. some of our projects includes:

  • Advertising and promotional photos
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Inspection
  • Insurance

Video Production

When you want creative insight that will capture your audience’s attention in your production of entertainment, corporate, or government projects, your campaign story is told with us. Some of our services includes:

  • Motion graphics and visual effects
  • Color correcting, editing and post production
  • Events, interviews and production

3D and 360 Virtual Reality

We partnered up with the top 3D and 360 VR cameras for the highest resolution and best performance. We can mount cameras above or below the drone for optimal views. Some of our 360 VR projects includes:

  • Property virtual tours
  • Live / recorded action sports
  • Construction and industrial infrastructure inspections (bridges, oil and gas, real estate and more)
  • Live concerts and private events
  • Marketing videos

News & Media

Live aerial broadcast for entertainment, business, sports events or news. Some of our projects includes:

  • Live event coverage
  • Live steaming news coverage
  • Live sports event coverage


Aerial imagery and 3D mapping, preventative measures, monitoring, assessing and testing for condition status. Some of our projects includes:

  • Agriculture
  • Oil and gas pipe and rig inspection
  • Structure inspection
  • Maintenance survey
  • Large infrastructure inspection

Real Estate

High resolution aerial videos and photography. Some of our projects includes:

  • Construction planning
  • Property tours and marketing
  • 360 VR views


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ZM Interactive Team.