Drones + Cameras

ZMI Commercial

Drones are not only for making stunning video for film and tv. We also use them to carry lighter payloads for use in other ways.

Live News & Media Broadcasting

ZMI is a provider for live aerial broadcasts for news, entertainment, security, sports events and any traditional live media collection outlets. Our live media drones are capable of providing a reliable 1080p HD live feed via a robust digital downlink capturing live events like never before. Our operators patch directly into control vehicles and communicate with production teams over radio just like any other member of the production. This Seamless work-flow integration with expert pilots and support crew ZMI makes adding live aerial views to live broadcasts effortless.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate

In today’s fast moving real estate market brokers and agents are mostly using drones for photos and video to add interest to their listings. We use drones to help property professionals make better decisions in all phases of operation.

High Resolution Aerial Photography

A photo is worth 1000 words.
Create aerial views of the entire property and land that show the neighborhood and surrounding area, including the home’s proximity to amenities.These Property overviews can be used for landscaping changes and potential redevelopment opportunities .

High Definition 4k Video

Stunning visuals that Sell
Cinematic hollywood grade visuals that showcase property in ways that makes buyers fall in love and sellers increase value and visibility. Interior walkthroughs that tell the story of each property. Views from above show the neighborhood and surrounding areas.

Aerial Inspection

Data from Above
Our pilots use our drones to provide detailed information that can be analyzed on the ground before human lives are placed in potential hazardous situations. .These visual inspections can save valuable time and money by providing detailed imagery of difficult or dangerous to access areas that might require maintenance or repair . This approach highlighting unseen possible problems before physical inspections commence. Our teams plans and execute drone operations that produce detailed inspection reports. These reports contain GPS geo-localisation analysis and capture of high-resolution photography and video for close visual inspections.
Topographic survey data to assist our civil engineering clients gather important data capturing images to use in the sales models, calculate the overall volume of materials and access site conditions. This can be used to plan debris removable and determine the fill needed to bring the site up to grade. Plan and execute with confidence.

3D Property Scanning and Modeling

Immersive Virtual 3D models
We use drones to create virtual 3d environments using fully autonomous software.
Using software to control our flight path and capture images we can quickly convert data into realistic immersive 3D models. With this data you can create customized fly-through videos and photo realistic 3D models and images from any angle.Navigate through your models to observe property while navigating through the environment from aerial perspective. These up to date site maps of property allow professional to make data backed informed decisions. Check property lines and potential vegetation overgrowth.

VFX 3D location mapping, Custom Applications and VR

We love out the box ideas. Want to fly 360 VR rigs? Do you have a custom camera setup that you would like to use to create aerial footage? Custom Aerial lighting rigs for production use? Contact our Custom Applications Here.

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