Drones + Data

ZMI Industrial

Custom Designed end-to-end solutions that deliver high quality data to our clients so they can make informed decisions in a rapidly changing world.

With years experience in designing the use of autonomous vehicles into industrial workflows. The Solution in not merely in the type UAS but The value of the data gathered. Either aerial or land based vehicles utilizing custom integration of various sensors ensures the data capture, storage and access are seamless. We design solutions that fully integrate the best technology globally into complex workflows. Experts in deploying high spec sensors such as hyper-spectral cameras, Thermal Infrared, LiDar, High resolution cameras for Data collection. We partner with leading software vendors to create 3D models, photogrammetry and building a database customer’s data sets. From custom designed solutions, UAS operations or delivering data in meaningful ways we are partnering with forward thinking companies in the world to unlock the true potential of aerial data acquisition.


Construction :Information at your fingertips

Compare and track progress by overlaying aerial data with original site plans, mistakes can be spotted before they become an issue. Daily or weekly project status updates allow project management to work efficiently. Manage subcontractors contractors and make decisions based on up to date data. When managing a project remotely a picture is worth a thousand emails and phone calls.

Aerial Inspection : Data from Above
Our pilots use our drones to provide detailed information that can be analyzed on the ground before human lives are placed in potential hazardous situations. .These visual inspections can save valuable time and money by providing detailed imagery of difficult or dangerous access areas of structures that might require maintenance or repair . Through the use infrared and thermal camera technology we are able to create a deep understanding of live structures proving invaluable information to our clients for initial triage inspections in real time. This approach decreases the safety risks by highlighting unseen possible problems before physical inspections commence. Our pilots work with experienced engineers to produce detailed inspection reports containing GPS geo-localisation analysis and capture of high-resolution photography and video for close visual inspections. Cut inspection times and costs by up to 90%. Detailed and precise data including georeferenced imagery and high resolution video allow project managers to assess and deploy with precision.

Scanning and Modeling : 3D Site and structure models
We use drones to create virtual 3d environments using fully autonomous software.
Using software to control our flight path and capture images we can quickly convert data into realistic immersive 3D models. With this data you can create customized fly-through videos and photo realistic 3D models and images from any angle.Navigate through your models to observe property while navigating through the environment from aerial perspective. These up to date site maps of property allow professional to make data backed informed decisions. Check property lines and potential vegetation overgrowth.

Geotagged aerial photos Know when and where each image was taken.
The information store in all photos contain the date ,location altitude and sometimes the angle. All this data is searchable to find the right image. Geo referenced Aerial data becomes a powerful tools in meetings,sales and project presentations and contract bidding.

Volume measurements : Know your site volumetrics
Using drones to collect data of you worksite assist project managers prepare a site faster than ever before. Comprehensive surveys of earthworks and material stockpiles allow companies to calculate the overall volume of materials and access site conditions. This information can be used to plan debris removal and site prepped Use drone data to determine the fill needed to bring the site up to grade and track stockpile usage.. Plan and execute with confidence.

Agriculture : Efficient and accurate Crop Analysis
Geotagged aerial photos to track crop growth and yields – The information store in all photos contain the date ,location altitude and sometimes the angle. All this data is searchable and backed up to review to find trends in crop health and growth.
Volume measurements : Know your fields – Using drones to collect data of you worksite assist farmers prepare a field faster than ever before. This information can be used to plan old growth removal and field prepping Use drone data to determine the work needed to bring the field up to grade. Plant and harvest with confidence.

Mapping and Crop Analysis
Aerial Crop analysis provide vital information for operational efficiency and better crop performance.. Convert multispectral and RGB images into accurate index maps, like NDVI, and orthomosaics of your fields.

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